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high performance speakersWe are very fortunate in that we are able to audition many of the finest loud-speakers available. We have selected the ones we particularly enjoy using and those are the models we have on demonstration.

Our range of speakers includes models from ALR Jordan, Focal, Linn, Neat, ProAc, Rega and Wilson Benesch. We do not necessarily have all the models in every range available from these manufacturers, just the ones we think offer the best performance and value in their category.

Whether you are looking for a compact high quality bookshelf speaker such as the ALR Classic 1 or Neat Iota, a medium-sized stand-mount speaker such as the ALR Classic 2, the Focal Aria 906, the Linn Majik 109 or the ProAc Response DB3 or a conventional floorstander such as the ALR Classic 5, the Linn Majik 140, the Neat Motive SX1 or the Rega RX5, we can help.

We have high performance speakers such as the ALR Note 3 and Wilson Benesch Vertex stand-mount speakers.  We also now have the revolutionary Linn Exakt Akudorik stand mount speakers on demonstration, together with the Linn Akubarik, the ProAc Response D20R  and the Wilson Benesch Vector floor-standers, which are particularly effective when bi-amped.

Also on demonstration at Winchester HiFi are the superb REL subwoofers. Both the T and S Series subs can be connected wirelessly so are totally flexible in terms of positioning in your room.  We have the T5i and T7i compact models in the show-room and for increased performance from S3 and S5 Super High Output models.


If you have a specific request, please email us via our contact page. To discuss your requirements in more detail and arrange a demonstration, please call us on 01962 859859.

We look forward to being of assistance.

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